Nicky Theiss, MD

Four days after a grade IV ankle sprain and two treatments, I was able to run 9 miles without pain.  I didn't miss a beat with my training!  I keep going back to treat little aches/pains and to help prevent future injuries - and I am having one of my best running seasons yet!  Whether it is formal sports, postoperative rehabilitation or just day-to-day life, I highly recommend Justin Willis and his practice, Teamwork Therapy and Sports Performance.

Peggy Gordon

Not your salon type massage, but if you've been in pain and nothing seemed to really help, try meeting with Justin. His understanding of how the body works and his perseverance in helping you get back to as normal as possible will brighten your day!

Delcia Litt

I was fortunate enough to discover Fascial Stretch Therapy with Justin Willis recently.  I love the gentle hands on muscle activation stretching.  Wow,  almost immediate relief. I've suffered from many overuse injuries from running, weight training, and yoga over the years. I have tried many different therapy's  but believe this is exactly what an aging athlete needed. I am amazed at the flexibility and pain relief achieved!

Laura Doane

I am pleased with the "deep tissue" massage I receive each time I visit. Justin is thorough, and listens closely to your concerns. The tension melts away after a visit, and I am happy to report that it returns less frequently than before I met him! Beware that he also reminds you to sit up straight, drive with your arms in the correct position, & to throw your shoulders back when you walk.

Rick Young

Justin is awesome - he knows his stuff and how to fix what's ailing you! I'm looking forward to a long but infrequent relationship. These guys get you going again and don't want to see you until you need to see them. Their goal is for you to have less pain and moving well, not to be coming back for maintenance.

Rich McNamara

I’ve been a patient of Justin’s for eight years, beginning when he guided me through my rehabilitation from Achilles tendon surgery.  When I first met Justin, perhaps a month after my surgery, I could barely walk.  I had come to believe that I might never again be able to participate in many of my favorite activities, including mountain climbing, rock climbing, running, skiing, tennis, softball, and even such seemingly “mild” activities such as bowling.  However, as I continued to work with Justin, I was able to gradually add activities back into my life.  Eventually, I added all of the preceding activities back, and it’s done wonders for my physical and emotional health.

In working through that ordeal with Justin, I discovered the following about him:

·       He genuinely wants to help people.  Seeing his patients overcome adversity is extremely fulfilling for him.

·       He’s an outstanding listener.  Although he’s an expert in his field, he recognizes how much insight he can gain about a patient’s condition through thoughtful collaboration with that patient.  His choice of “Teamwork” for his company’s moniker is very appropriate.

·       He possesses a great breadth of knowledge of the human body and how it’s supposed to function.  He’s an excellent kinesiologist, massage therapist, and sports trainer, and he has solid knowledge of related fields such as nutrition.

·       He understands the importance of the psychological component of physical therapy and rehabilitation.  I experienced a number of setbacks throughout my rehabilitation, but Justin did an excellent job of putting them into perspective for me.  He assured me they were a normal part of the process, and he instilled confidence in me to persevere through them.  Rehab involves gradually expanding your limits, and Justin had an uncanny knack for knowing just how far to push me so as to avoid major setbacks while maintaining forward progress.  For example, there were times when I’d “tweak” my injury a few hours before our session, and I arrived at his clinic expecting not to do any running that day.  However, after Justin examined me, he usually advised me to do the running drills despite having recently felt a tweak, assuring me that I couldn’t do any damage during the session that he couldn’t fix.  Without his trust to fall back onto, I probably would’ve abstained from running for a week after each tweak, and I never would’ve gotten better.  By the same token, Justin was right insofar as when he gave me the OK to go through a workout, I never suffered a significant setback as a result.

·       He (rightfully) has a very high level of confidence in his knowledge and abilities, and yet he’s humble rather than arrogant.  For example, in the early stages of explaining to him the details of the sensations I had been feeling before and after my surgery, he consulted with some books and charts to re-familiarize himself with the exact locations of the various small, obscure tendons and ligaments in the area of interest.  That’s the first time I had EVER seen a health care professional consult with reference materials during an appointment!  It seems that most health care professionals believe that doing something like that would instill a lack of confidence in him or her.  For me, the exact opposite is true!  Justin cared more about getting everything right than simply appearing to know everything for the sake of his ego.  I found that to be extremely refreshing.

·       HE IS THE ONLY THERAPIST I’VE EVER WORKED WITH WHO DEDICATES THE ENTIRE APPOINTMENT TIME SOLELY TO ME.  Every other therapist seems to double- or triple-book, so that they only end up spending 20 minutes or so with each patient during a one-hour appointment.

·       Prior to my surgery, I consulted with a wide variety of people, including my primary physician, orthopedic doctors, podiatrists, physical therapists, and even acupuncturists, about how to overcome the chronic tendonitis in my ankle area.  It was Justin who ultimately came up with an innovative long-term solution, involving the construction of a simple, custom-made traction device that I could use each day.  The device cost roughly ten dollars to make.  None of the other people I consulted with showed that kind of ability to “think outside the box”.

Although the ankle tendonitis issue is finally under control, I’ve suffered other injuries on occasion.  In March, I pulled my calf muscle, and thanks to having Justin work on it, I was back running in a matter of weeks, rather than months.

I’ve also been seeing him regularly for Fascial Stretch Therapy treatments.  I’ve always had an extremely inflexible physique, which I think has contributed to the large number of sports-related injuries I’ve suffered throughout the years.  However, after perhaps five or six sessions, I had become literally more flexible than I was in middle school (I’m in my mid-forties now).  More importantly, I feel like I’m a lot less prone to injuries as a result.  And as a nice bonus, the therapy seems to have enhanced my sports performance as well.

The bottom line is that Justin is the ideal person to work with, whether you’re rehabilitating from an injury or chronic condition, or you simply want to improve your health and/or athletic performance.  He’s a terrific therapist, and he’s become a great friend as well.

Andrea Ager

I love Teamwork Therapy! Justin blows my mind how much he knows and how "in tune" he is with my body just by seeing me walk around and looking at the way I lay on a table. I felt so amazing after seeing him my first time, I didn't only feel stretched. I felt aligned, less tense, and my positions felt amazing. CrossFit is not easy on the body, and either is any intense sport. Thank you so much for helping me continue to compete at this level!

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